Mission Statement

Long-lasting relationship based on trust

HDS strives to build a long-lasting relationship based on trust. Your point of contact, the accounting clerk, handles your file, in consultation with a partner.

The cooperation with our clients is characterised by its tailor-made approach: independent advice tailored to your – changing – needs. HDS thinks along with you, in a critical manner, in all discretion and with the necessary flexibility.

And we have operated like this since 1952. For more than thirty years our focus on the free professions has expanded itself into a diversity of client relations from various industries.

Pick-up service

HDS organises a monthly pick-up service for Antwerp, Limburg, Brabant and East Flanders. There is no need to put yourself out to deliver your paperwork to us. You can prepare the input yourself via ASP (Application Service Provider) so that you only need to call on us for your tax obligations and the annual balance sheet or for a limited part of your bookkeeping.

Digitising your bookkeeping details, integrating them into our software in a safe and user-friendly way, is also possible. We also offer the option of executing your bookkeeping at your own location with your own software.